Koda Edries
Koda Edries

Koda Edries




  • Bachelors of Business Administration (University of the people - USA) Enrolled in June 2020 to present
  • TEFL certificate ( I-to-I )120 hours including practical offline classes
  • Damelin College - Cape Town, South Africa High school graduate 2010


Hello all, my name’s Koda. I’m born in Cape Town, South Africa. I am TEFL qualified through the UK and hold a degree in Business from an American university. While studying I took many courses on psychology as I believe it’s beneficial for me as a teacher.  

I started my teaching career in 2014 when I relocated to China. Since then I’ve been teaching for 8 years, I have taught many ages from pre-K to young adults and have lived and taught English in Inner Mongolia, Germany, Vietnam, and Russia. Having lived in many countries and traveling many more I have learned to become accustomed to different cultures and environments very fast. I always try to embrace the culture and language where possible. I speak a few languages besides my native language (English): German, a bit of mandarin, Afrikaans and currently learning Russian. 

Being a teacher is about creating a safe space for kids to learn and play. I think education should be fun especially when we are teaching young learners. With that being said I am ready and excited to create fun interactive lessons for your kids and help them grow and learn to love English as well as help guide them to becoming smart well raised children. 

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