Andrew Bazan
Andrew Bazan

Andrew Bazan


Образование: CHESTER School (Spain), 2010


  • Civil Engineering
  • TEFL Business English
  • Cambridge teacher professional development training, Teaching Young Learners

Квалификация: English teacher. Technitian

My name is Andrew Stephen Bazan, from San Diego, California. I come from the civil engineering drafting world, in order to change careers I have completed different courses in teaching like CELTA, TEFL and Teaching young learners from Cambridge English. 

I have experience in different countries (Japan, Thailand, Spain,  Mexico, USA (Alaska) working with kids aged 2-12. I got involved in all subjects, math, social science, art, PE, etc. as well as extracurricular activities.

In my experience I have come to understand that dealing with children is a much more extensive task than just “teaching”, earning their trust, friendship and respect is a key to a different universe in each and every one of them and it becomes a two-way learning experience.

I truly believe that learning other languages and cultures empowers the soul and the brain beyond academic basics; it exposes differences and embraces them creating a human yet celestial bond among the participants. It expands horizons and builds a perfect take off platform where those free beings simply evolve.


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