Welcome to Kindergarten "Cooperation School"

Who we are

Bilingual Kindergarten “Cooperation School” is an English immersion nursery and kindergarten for kids between 2 and 7 years old. Our kindergarten is the foundational stage for Cooperation School, one of the oldest and most renowned private schools in Moscow.

Where we are

We are located in the center of Moscow (close to metro Kurskaya or Chkalovskaya) in a separate building built specifically for a modern kindergarten. There are unique play and sports grounds, well-equipped outside play areas, on-sire swimming pool, specially designed spacious classrooms. Kindergarten “Cooperation School” was recognized by the Government of Moscow Award as the winner of the 2015 “The Best Completed Building Project” competition in the “Best Completed Building Project Among The Educational Institutions” category.

Curriculum we use

We provide a good blend of Russian and British National Curriculum for early years. We provide a comprehensive curriculum with a strong focus on integrated development of kids. We foster skills such as cooperation, tolerance and understanding of others and respect for differences. We encourage our kids to view learning as a lifelong experience.

Our kindergarten and school aim to create a safe bilingual environment where children and adults from different cultures can respect, value and care for each other. Our curriculum is enriched through various extracurricular activities aimed at intellectual, physical and creative development of kids. Native English teachers are present all day. Our native-speaking teachers are from the USA and are all professional educationalists with extensive experience in teaching very young and young learners.

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Subjects we teach

There are 20 core subjects and 30 extra-curricular classes including Drama and Theater classes. Education and communication is delivered in English by professional native speaking teachers throughout the time your child stays in the kindergarten. If there are language difficulties or discomfort, there is always a Russian-speaking teacher and a Russian-speaking assistant who can step in to comfort the kid and make their stay smooth and enjoyable.

Subjects taught in English:
  • Phonics and Literacy
  • Reading and Speaking skills development
  • Math
  • Understanding the World and Science
  • Storytime
  • Drama
  • Showcase and Music
  • Rhythm
  • Crafts
Subjects taught in Russian:
  • Russian literacy
  • Speech development
  • Math
  • Understanding the world
  • Sport
  • Swimming

Education we provide at different stages

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) - Ages 2.5-5

Bilingual kindergarten “Cooperation school” provides a comprehensive program for Nursery and Reception groups in a welcoming, friendly environment where children can grow and learn. Qualified international staff encourage young learners to develop essential skills they need to become independent and responsible. Staff and kids work closely together through a play based, child centered curriculum.

Key Stage 1-2 (KS1, KS2) - Ages 5-7

Key Stage 1 and 2 focuse on further development of reading, writing and mathematical skills. We plan activities which target core learning in English, Numeracy and Science whilst integrating other aspects to deliver a balanced curriculum for all. In KS1 we teach the National Curriculum to provide a structured, inclusive curriculum that allows all pupils to develop a wide range of skills, knowledge and experiences to enable them all to reach their full potential.

Extracurricular activities we provide

Our afternoon learning modules include:

  • Chess club
  • Robotics and RoboEngineering Clubs
  • Lego and Modelling Club
  • Football
  • Music and Singing Classes
  • Choreography and Dance studio
  • Experimentation Class
  • Sensory Class
  • Art and Design Studio
Extracurricular activities we provide

Security we provide

24-hours security is provided.


Our working hours

The school opens at 8:00 and closes at 20:00.

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Healthy lifestyle policy we exercise

We exercise a healthy lifestyle policy

We exercise a healthy lifestyle policy. Skilled professional medical care and assistance is offered throughout the child’s time in the kindergarten.

Swimming classes

Swimming classes are taught by an infant swimming instructor and are held twice a week in the on-site swimming pool.

Meals are served 5 times daily

Meals are served 5 times daily. All meals meet the dietary requirements for each child and are served five times a day. The diet plan has been developed by the leading nutritionist of Russia and fosters healthy eating habits.

Расписание на вторую половину дня в лагере

Our fees

There is no entrance fee.

The fees at Bilingual kindergarten “School of Cooperation” are of two types. If the kid attends the group with full English language immersion, the payment is 149 000 per month. If the kid attends the groups with with partial English language immersion, the payment is 129 000 per month. Educational fee is paid 10 times per year, from September through June inclusively. During July and August, we offer summer camp activities at our kindergarten, which is open for all the children already enrolled as well as others who wish to enroll.

Positive emotions, fun and exciting experiences are guaranteed!

For more information contact us at +7 (495) 911-99-91 or info@cooperation.ru


What is the minimum age of entry for a child into the kindergarten?

As a rule, we accept children between the ages of 2 to 7. Although, we might agree to take a younger child provided our psychologists give their recommendation.

Must we pay extra for Dance, Music and Art classes?

No, you don’t. The attendance of all these classes is included in the monthly payment. The fee also covers all afternoon learning modules scheduled from 15:30 till 17:30, swimming classes twice a week, massage sessions, nutrition, therapeutic physical training and all-day-round medical care.

Our working hours

The school opens at 8:00 and closes at 20:00.

How long does the adaption period take?

The duration of the adaption period is unique for every kid. After psychological consultation, we offer one of three pathways for adaptation to meet each kid’s individual needs, characteristics and personal development.

Are sick kids allowed to attend the kindergarten?

No, they are not. To avoid such situations, our doctor greets each child in the morning and conducts a medical check-up before sending the child to their group. If the symptoms appear later during the day, the child is placed in a specially equipped area where they stay under the close supervision of the doctor and the nurse until their parents can take them home.

Do you provide any discounts?

We have a loyalty programme for our clients, which provides a 10% discount for the second and subsequent children. We also offer a discounted price during the adaptation period.

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