Marie-Claude Etiks
Marie-Claude Etiks

Marie-Claude Etiks


Образование: University of Surrey Guildford, Surrey, UK, 2015


  • Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in English Literature
  • Minor in Educational Studies

Квалификация: Teacher of English

Hello, my name is Marie-Claude Etiks, I originally come from Lagos, where I spend my childhood in an English-speaking environment.

I received my BA degree with Honours in English Literature from the University of Surrey Guildford, Surrey in 2015. I later studied to become a teacher of English and also got a qualification an Examiner for Cambridge examinations.

I started my teaching career in 2012 when I worked in nursery and primary school in different parts of the world receiving a versatile experience on how different education l systems work and how they could best benefit the kids.  I moved to the northern part of Russia in 2015, where I continued teaching English to children aged 2-7 and held Speaking clubs for high schoolers. Moving up north was eye-opening and enabled me to get better understanding of cultural and social life of Russians, which made me simply fall in love with the country and its citizens.

Teaching has forever given me great insights into the minds of kids, I’ve learned the art of knowing when a student is lost, distracted, tired, or bored during my lesson.

Over the years I’ve understood that respect can be easily gotten if kids know that they’re respected and that English is a language and not a basis of intelligence. My strong belief is that though I might be better than my students in speaking and understanding English, they might be more intelligent and talented than I am.

I am sure that speaking English can empower kids to share ideas, the opportunities they can get are LIMITLESS. And that’s what I do my best to reach during all the time I spend with them.

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