Adam Zuggo
Adam Zuggo

Adam Zuggo

Преподаватель актерского мастерства

Образование: Manchester Central School of English (Manchester, England), 2017


  • Law and Political Sciences
  • Post-graduate Specialist Training Programme in Cultural Management
  • CELTA.

Квалификация: Lawyer; Cultural Manager; English teacher.

My name is Adam Zuggo. I am an enthusiastic English language teacher and a passionate actor. I was born in Hungary and lived, studied and worked in England for many years.

As an accredited English language teacher with a certificate from Cambridge University I have taught countless people from every age group. I have worked with preschoolers, juniors, kids, teens and adults. I especially love working with very young learners. Their open and sincere attitude makes them the most enjoyable age group to work with.

Acting is an integral part of my life. I have a drive for performing arts and have a desire to share that passion. I took stage and screen acting courses in three different counties and appeared in many plays and projects. I also have a degree in Cultural Management. So I have perceptive insights into the whole acting scene.

Working as a kindergarten drama teacher, I have seen first-hand the real advantages that theatre and music-related activities present to children. Because of their first exposure to English is theatrical, active and fun, they will love language learning for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, drama provides practical experience in communicating, gives children the opportunity to learn to work together, to develop tolerance and empathy as they begin to see the world from different perspectives and helps to build their self-confidence and raise their self-esteem.

I can say that I am one of a select group of teachers that come to this profession with a goal in mind, which is to enrich people’s life giving them useful knowledge that opens up new doors for them and makes their life more meaningful.

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