Math club

For the kids aged 5-7 years old

What we do:

  • Every month, the children solve a mystery.

    September - "Who Took The Cookie From The Cookie Jar?"
    October - "Who Took The Pumpkin From The Pumpkin Patch?"
    November - "Who Took The Acorn From The Squirrel?"
    December - "Who Took The Presents From Santa?"
  • They are provided with a list of 10-15 culprits with 5 characteristics each (boy/girl, hair color, t-shirt color, shoe color, etc). Every lesson involves an activity about one characteristic. We will be able to eliminate culprits during each lesson until we answer the question at the end of the month.
MATH CLUB for the kids aged 5-7 years old

We will learn how to:

  • Code by matching numbers with the alphabet (1-a, 2-b, etc) and reading the words that they make
  • Write their own code by turning letters into numbers
  • Read a 8x8 grid (A1, A2, B1, etc)
  • Identify mathematical symbols in English, including addition sign, subtraction sign, equal, more than, less than, etc.
  • Number bonds up to 20
  • Identifying numbers up to 30
  • Learn/sing related songs to the topic
  • and more...

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